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Sunday, April 12, 2009

while my pretty ones sleep

this is what these girls looked like in bed last night. they always have "sleepovers" in each other's bedrooms on the weekends and i guess gracie got into bed with savannah last night. when i showed the girls these photos they said later on during the night gracie fell out of the bed! too funny!

easter happiness or sugar induced silliness (however you want to look at it.)

here they are- the crazy trio of sisters on a beautiful easter day in paradise. it was quite the event to just take a few photos. but they turned out pretty okay.

sarah the dog whisperer
first this...
then this...
to finally get this...
and now we are much better!

is that sarah or cesar milan?

the little girl easter dress is no more :(

the end of days

today mauricio begins the last year of his 30's! we had a nice family dinner with just us girls and then he got his fave dessert: creamy banana pudding! yum! way better than cake!

happy birthday mauricio!

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