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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dance little sister!

sarah is finishing up her last year in elementary school and they are going out with a big bang! here are the pics from the "dance". (and i use that term very loosely) as you can see it was a luau theme. a good time was had by all. i know there are a lot of pictures and clips but they are quite entertaining. the three musketeers

yes, sarah is actually up dancing.

i love this picture of sarah. she is totally giggling like the little school girl that she is.
watch out for the dude on the left. he looks like he's had WAY too many juice boxes! thank goodness his mom came to get him and he didn't ride his skateboard home. and i think hannah, the girl in front, is trying to throw some kind of gang sign. kids these days!
and, as promised, the video of sarah in action!
this was one of the girl's favorite numbers of the night. it was only played like 3 times unlike that new black eyed peas song that the dj played 5,876 times. (not kidding) and you have to check out the kid in the background at the end of the clip. he's in sarah's class and she said "dylan has like 145 lais on and he is like really sweaty and ewww." so i told her to be quiet and go have fun like he's having or else i am going to get up and dance to the beyonce single ladies song. she promptly went out on the dance floor and started "boogying" (is that even a word?) because she knew i wasn't kidding. and seriously, it might look cute when you're in 5th grade, but it's not pretty when I start doing it! (at least that's what my girls tell me when i do it at home.)

the ever popular cha-cha slide. i say you can never have too much of that! (or can you?)

this one is always a party fave. but what i really wanted was for you all to see the hot mom with her bare midruff. please! it's a 5th grade dance! cover yourself up woman! if not for us, for the sake of the children!

hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to work we go!

here are the pics of the girls leaving for their annual trip to work with dad on take your child to work day. sarah was really happy to go as you can see. (she thought she was staying with me. long story.) from what i hear a good time was had by all.
these two were BEYOND excited to go.
they were up the night before picking out their outfits. such fashionistas!

it's that time of year

sarah has been quite the busy bee with school activities lately and for some reason some of them have not been posted. can i get a big DUH! (thanks.) i will only post two of them right now. the dance will have to have it's very own post. fun video of sarah ACTUALLY dancing! (she will kill me when she sees it posted!)

first up are the pics from the drum concert. i was trying to get her not to participate b/c i am a lazy parent that way, but glad she insisted since it was way cool.

her and her buddy, katrina

here are the pics from field day. glad i only went for the afternoon. (it was sooooo HOT!) and none from savannah's (the day before) as hers was cancelled due to massive thunderstorms. that's florida for ya!this was the relay where they had to fill up a bucket of water with a cup that had a hole punched in the bottom. at first i thought they were kidding when they told me, but they were not.
sarah's class. can you find her teacher? if it weren't for his mustache he would blend right in with the students! (he's a little height challenged. hee hee! sarah LOVES her teacher.)
with her buddies, becky and katrina
the tug-of-war finale that they won! yay sarah's class! (seriously that girl all the way to the right in the picture is WAY tall and she's in sarah's class!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my other favorite rock star

sarah finally tried her hand at guitar hero. every time zachary brings it up we try to get her to do it and she finally caved and tried it out. she didn't do too badly. she and david cook are definitely my two fave rock stars!
rock on girlfriend!!!! massive concentration
a little help from the guitar hero wizard.
love her rock star jammies.

Monday, May 4, 2009

two words "WICKED AWESOME!"





(and his unbelievable band!)

this is MY picture! not a stock one from the internet! yeah baby!

so, the story is that i have been dying to see david cook. he was scheduled to be here saturday night, may 2nd, in west palm beach. a mere 20 min car ride from my house!!! circumstances were that i was NOT going to be able to go. well, my three sweet girls pooled all their money that they have been saving for various toys and insisted that i take it to buy concert tickets as their mother's day present to me. can we say major tears of happiness that my girls would do this for me? mauricio told me that if i turned it down it would break their hearts. i didn't know how to break it to them that the concert was sold out, but i did and they were bummed but okay with it. "maybe next time mom."

on a whim i decided to check craigslist to see if by some small miracle there were some tickets listed and still available. and there were! this was at 7pm and the concert was scheduled to start at 9:30! long story short, when mauricio and i went to pay the guy (while the concert was starting!) and i pulled out a ziploc bag full of singles and coins i told him how my girls had given me their money as a mother's day present and wanted me to go see the concert. he quickly said "take the tickets." can you believe it???? free tickets to see david cook!!!!! and did i mention that they were 5TH ROW SEATS!!!!! (thanks jeff! you don't EVEN know how happy you made this HUGE david cook fan's night!)

i know not all of you out there are as fanatic as i am but if you feel so inclined you can browse through the pics and videos at the end. (and you can bet these are not all of them, but surprisingly i only took 38!)

one of my faves

yes he did climb the scaffolding (crazy but hot!) enlarge the picture and you will totally appreciate his facial expression if you are a dc fan.
our seats were right in view of neal, the ever-talented lead guitarist. seriously this guy was totally rockin' it! it was hard to get a picture b/c he was moving around so much. LOVED IT!
here is the bass player, joey. he was great with his purple skinny jeans and red converse! he was tearin' it up as well.

"come on guys make some noise!"

one of my favorite pics. these boys really know how to put on a show!

when all was said and done it was one heck of a night! we got lucky to be sitting stage left and since david is a good old southpaw (lefties unite!) he tended to play to that side of the stage. bonus for us! i wish that we had taken more video and pictures of US at the concert (duh!), but we were too busy enjoying the show. mauricio said that the music was so loud that it was vibrating his pants! (please get your minds out of the gutter!) the only complaint is that it was over too fast! and i would LOVED to have gotten an autograph and picture with them to show the girls and to see the look on their faces. they would have been sooo beyond excited! but apparently he had to rush off to washington, d.c. for "race for hope". and last night we heard on the news that his brother, who was battling brain cancer, died the night of the concert. way sad. :(


this is my fave track from the album. "come back to me" i love the lyrics as they can apply to everyone at various stages in their lives. right now it makes me think of my girls and how one day they will be grown-up and gone. (please disregard the screaming in the background! sarah is mortified to think that her mom would actually act so "foolish" in public.)

this one is for sarah! it's her fave track. "bar-ba-sol" she is a bit of a rocker girl. ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!

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