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Monday, July 26, 2010

surfin usa

well, we didn't surf, but the waves were pretty big for south florida. (hurricane waves exempt.)

we had a fantastic afternoon at the beach with some fabulous friends!
these two have been bffs for 11 years!
oh how i love sandy feet at the beach. sarah was going for the grunge look here.
while katie was a bit more on the patriotic side.
having some picnik fun.

we have a particular habit of closing down most parks/beaches when out with these friends.  this trip was no exception.  at the last minute katie discovered her glasses missing.  we went back to see if we could find them by some miracle.  christine (katie's mom) offered a $5 reward for the person who could find the glasses.  sarah was the lucky treasure hunter and found herself $5 richer that evening. (below she is showing off her find.) and don't think the night was over just because the beach closed.  afterward we all headed to denny's for some midnight snaking! 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

soggy fireworks

we had rainy fireworks this year.  it usually threatens to rain and then never does, but this year it was more than threats.  it was kinda fun though, watching the fireworks from under the umbrella.  they were still as beautiful as ever.  
here is our view out from underneath the umbrella

sarah trying to ignore me taking her picture

home for flag cake.  this year we added a layer of banana and vanilla pudding.  yum-o!
what's with the british flag shirt sarah? we are celebrating our freedom FROM them you goof!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

fruit salad, yummy, yummy!

this is what we've been enjoying this summer.
  happy summer all!

what were you doing at 4 am on the fourth of july?

we were waking up to go cheer on our dad for his first triathlon.  mauricio has been training hard since january and this past weekend he participated in his first of many races.  he did very well and we are very proud of him. he, his brother and our brother-in-law all participated.  just fyi - this is a photo heavy post. 

here are the boys getting ready.
hmmmm....do you think they know about this?
neal on the bike transition.
m on the bike transition.  ooooooo! look at those muscles!
because why wouldn't you have a bird on your head at an athletic event?
and because there has to be a speedo in every crowd.
way to go guys! a job well done.
the girls are ready to go.  it was soooooo HOT (and it was only 9am when i took this.)
a ladybug to brighten our day.
crashed on the way home.
a man and his bike.

get on your boots

not sure if it's world cup fever or the fact that this post was started a few weeks ago....but here are OUR resident soccer stars.
sarah the "spider"
she was given this nickname by her coaches because she was EVERYWHERE on defense. her AND her elbows.  

fraternizing with the enemy
i love this one of her. total concentration. 

two of the best coaches ever!

i love how the coach is in the corner all serious and they are all giggly on the bench. 

the other two best coaches.
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