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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bye Bye Fay

hey just to let you know we are all fine here. fay brought us nothing but a lot of rain and some wind. our pool is totally full and overflowing and we have a moat around the ENTIRE house and not just the driveway like we do for normal rainstorms . but other than that it was nothing for us. the girls were even outside in their raincoats playing in the wind. there were some tornadoes close by but not so close that we had to run for cover.

we will be back in school tomorrow!!! yea!!!!!!! and no becky i will keep the hurricanes any day over tornadoes!! at least we know when it's coming and we can prepare for days before it hits!! hated dealing with that in missouri and HATED the earthquakes in california. remember that one we missed in college heidi? no thanks.

so until the next one, heather the storm reporter signing out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Go Away Fay!!!!

you know it's the beginning of school when the storms start a commin'. this is the reason why we will NOT be in school tomorrow!!! the girls are stoked, but what the heck!!! we just got started and now we are out already!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate hurricane season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back To School Blues

We are singin' the back to school blues here in not so sunny south florida. with the approaching tropical storm/hurricane we started our school year in rainy and wet mode! at least it was nice when the morning began so we could get some good pics of the girls.

the girls are excited about the new school year. i, however, am not. i love not having a schedule and sleeping in. and i love having the kids at home, most of the time anyway. but i must admit it was quite nice to only have one with me at the mall today.

happy new school year!! sarah's last first day of elementary school! ):

next year gracie will be joining them!
sarah and her buddy, katrina, who is NOT in her class this year. bummer!

savannah in her new 2nd grade classroom.

New Bikes

i thought these pics were fun. this is a picture of me with my new bike at 11, back in the day. this one is of sarah last week at 10, with her new bike!

Birthday Celebrations!!

Here are some pics from our family celebrations for sarah's and my birthday. we had family up for our birthday party this past weekend. we had a great time swimming, chatting and, of course, eating! neal, lisa and zachary came up and spent the night and that was really fun! we need to do it again guys!

zachary accompanied us for "happy birthday to you" on the electric guitar!
rock on zach!! rocker hairdo and all.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


okay so here's some good ones of me too. couldn't find some that i wanted to put in but maybe next year. oh and heidi, since you gave me the idea you had to go down with me too. plus, you are like in almost EVERY picture from my ricks college days, so it was inevitable that you would show up. hee hee!! :) enjoy the trip down memory lane!! i sure did!
nice saggy diaper!

diggin' the plaid pants! gotta love the 70's!

do you love the feathered hair or what?

don't even ask about these!!!

we were in college in a tiny town with lots of snow!

studying really hard!

the birthday girls!!

10 years ago sarah was my birthday present. my birthday was the day we brought her home from the hospital. i can't think of a better present than that. okay, maybe a new car. just kidding kiddo, you're the best 10 year old i know!

p.s. thanks to my good friend marybeth for the awesome birthday outing today!! you're the best! good food, great time playing in the makeup at sephora, but even better company! xoxo

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hAppY 10th biRthDaY SaRah!!!

today, august 12th, is sarah's 10th birthday! WOW! double digits! i can't believe that she is actually that old! we will celebrate by having her favorite breakfast of pancakes and then go out for dinner somewhere where they have yummy food! it will have to be somewhere that i like too since my birthday is on thursday and we will share our dinner night out. we love you ladybug!! we hope your birthday is fabulous and that you have a happy day!!

3 weeks old (sept 98)
2 1/2 months (oct 98) 3 months (nov 98)

first hockey game 1 year old (aug 99) all worn out after her first birthday party (aug 99)
with her buddy of 9 years, katie (nov 99)
they are both 1 year here.
2 years (aug 2000)
2 1/2 (nov 2000) twin brides at halloween with katie 3 yrs (oct 2001)
4th birthday (aug 2002)
first lost tooth 5 1/2 (2004)
1st grade 6 yrs (2005)
6 1/2 yrs (easter 2005)
sarah LOVES swimming! (jul 2005 almost 7yrs)
july 2005 (almost 7)

baptism pic. 8yrs old (august 2006)

sarah loves her aunt glenda! 9yrs (sept 2007)
9yrs (sept 2007)
sarah is the monkey lover in the fam. (march 2008 9yrs)

sarah the soccer star! 9yrs

spring break 2008 (9yrs)
rock on!!!! (9yrs)

summer 2008 (9yrs)

with katie 8yrs later! august 2008 (almost 10)
this is actually katie's bday party last week!!
happy birthday katie!
ever the goofball!!
we love ya sarah!!
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