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Sunday, March 6, 2011

the magic kingdom speedway (or in other words, the only place my kids will ever be allowed to drive.)

during our visit at the magic kingdom, our girls logged many hours on the speedway.  i think the chance to get behind the wheel and let their hair fly in the wind at 5 mph was very appealing to them.  mauricio and i had to opt out after 234 times around the track as our legs could not hold the gas pedal down any longer.  thank goodness for grandstands that we could sit on and rest our weary bones.

savannah: "can you believe we suckered them into letting us drive?"
sarah: "i know, right? now step on it before they change their minds!" 

i am pretty sure the mickey mouse driver's license that grace received at the end of her driving experience is what should be in the wallets of many a florida driver.

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