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Saturday, February 14, 2009

you CANNOT be serious!!! (a little president's day fun)

well, since president's day is around the corner i thought i would share this little tid-bit with you all.  enjoy!

okay so i was in target the other day and struck up a conversation with a young sales associate.  we got to talking about my kids (what a surprise) and how they always comment to me about things being "back in the day".   and this is what followed:

me:  "yeah, my favorite was when one of my girls (savannah, and yes i will name names!) asked me if i was alive when george washington was president."

girl:  (with a glazed over dumb look on her face)  "yeah, i guess that was a while ago wasn't it." (and she was NOT being silly,sarcastic or joking around!)

(what i thought)  "are you freaking kidding me?" "how old do i freaking look to you????" "do you think george washington was our 43rd president?"

girl:  "oh and you know we had a president named george bush right?"  (me thinking "well duh?")  "well, did you know that his dad was president also and his name was george bush too?"  "and that his brother was the governor of florida?"

(what i thought with my mouth agape) "are you freaking serious?"  before i actually said: "umm.. yes i did know that."  "what the heck are they teaching you in school?" "don't you learn about the presidents?"

i know the last part wasn't that nice but COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  she wasn't THAT young NOT to know about that.  seriously, MY kids who are 10 and 8 know that!!!!!!!  and they weren't even alive when the first george bush was in office!!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

funny phone call #2

okay this one will be shorter. i hope. i posted this separately only because i like this cool picture of THIS phone too. (and you think i'm kidding!)
so i am out and about on saturday doing my thing when the phone rings. seeing that it is not mauricio at home with all the kids (2 of them who are sick) calling me i decide to answer! hee! hee! lo and behold it is a call from the superintendent of the palm beach county school system. (well, a recorded message anyway. i'm not that cool to get a direct call from him.) the first thing i think is DANG! it's saturday and the kids don't have to be in school why are you sending me another message? (see previous post about call #1.) then i think wow! they really must be cracking down on people who don't send their kids to school and now my delinquency has been forwarded to the head honcho himself! but, as i listen to the message it is,in fact, a recording about how important it is for our kids in palm beach county to be at school this upcoming week because this is the week they figure out the funding issues! are you kidding me? (read this next part in a deep man's voice) "make sure your kids are in class this week so we can get the most funding as possible." that makes me laugh! i guess it's okay not to go the other weeks except this one and, of course, fcat week! (for those of you who are not acquainted with the florida school system you don't even want to know what fcat is, except everyone gets all stressed out over it. in my opinion for nothing at all!)

anyhoo, had to share that with ya! that was a new one for me! and of course being the rebel that i am sarah was not in attendance on monday! (okay it wasn't because i was being rebellious, she was still sick.)

funny phone call #1

okay had to share this. thought it was a bit funny. and maybe i am the only one that does. (this is a frequent occurrence in my household, but i just chalk it off to the fact that everyone else has a really bad sense of humor!)
let me preface the phone call by saying that sarah stayed home sick from school on friday so i let savannah stay home too. like none of you have ever done that? besides, that makes me her best friend for the day because i LET her skip school. and also they haven't missed a day of school in like a year or more!
so, i am home minding my own business when my phone rings and it's the school. well, that is a bit odd as both of them are home and let's face it who would really be calling me from the school besides the two of them? (and don't think that thoughts of being caught letting savannah skip school and being caught by the principal aren't running through my mind at this point.)

natuarally i answer the phone and get this, it is the school informing me that sarah and savannah are absent! well duh? like i don't know this already? but then the thought occurs to me ha! they couldn't skip school without me knowing it if they wanted to! i am sure that i remember this happening in our other school district but i had since forgotten about it until now. i am sure we are not the only school district in the nation that has this service, but i found it quite hilarious a.) because i will always know if they try to skip school and b.) because they didn't even know what skipping school meant! i had to explain it to them! their response, and i am not kidding, "why would someone NOT want to go to school?" oh the bliss of elementary school! i think i will have them say that into some sort of recording device (do they even make those anymore?) and save it for when they are in high school.

as i type this i vaguely remember this was the case when i was in high school too, but instead of a recorded message it was an actual person doing all the calling! the school secretary! umm..it was and still is a small town and they probably still do it this way! there were days when i was allowed to stay home for certain reasons i will not discuss in this public forum, but i remember now being home from school and dreading answering it for fear it was the school and they would find out i was at home! and if i was well enough to answer the phone then i was well enough to be at school. (or so i thought.) this was "back in the day", as my kids would call it, before caller id, answering machines (maybe those were out by then but my parents NEVER had one and NEVER EVER got one!) and voice mail. so you answered at your own risk! (it was also great because you could make prank phone calls! but I never did such a horrible thing as that.)

hope you all enjoyed this little ranting about a silly phone call as much as i did. and if not then i guess it's YOU that has the lame sense of humor!
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