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Monday, September 29, 2008

busy weekend!

i finally got everything posted from the busy weekend that we had.

book club was thursday night. parents came home from mish on friday that was also gracie's birthday. and we were gone from the house ALL DAY that day. saturday was filled with a baby shower for the daughter of a friend of mine. WEIRD!!!! i've known her daughter since she was in young women's! OLD!!! me not her.

then we had a dinner before the rs broadcast on saturday night so i went straight from the baby shower (an hour away) to the chapel to help get that ready and then enjoy the broadcast. remember that we are on eastern time so it doesn't even start until 8pm. and all the while my dear husband was with the kids! he put in a full day that day. although i must confess that he was texting me while i was at the broadcast asking how to warm up the soup. gotta love that!

then a trip to get some food for sunday and monday after the broadcast! but it was with a friend so it was enjoyable. thanks for the invite sally!

then, of course, church sunday morning! and wouldn't ya know it our internet was sluggish and then non-existent after church when i finally had time to post!

but, alas i am all caught up with it now! wish i could say that for my paper scrapbooking! and the laundry too, but that is being done while i type! hey at least the dishes are done! well, better go since the kids will be home in about 20 min and then all you know what breaks out! and there is NO SCHOOL tomorrow so there will be no time to do this fun stuff. well, at least not without 3 crazy kids running around or hanging on me. it's a jewish holiday. the perks of living in south florida!

birthday fun!

gracie had a great birthday on friday! she got a new dress! and yes, she wore it for the ENTIRE weekend! her grandparents brought her an alpaca doll from ecuador. she named it "allie" (the alpaca) for obvious reasons. except brady keeps grabbing it and running off with it!

then we went to daddy's work for "just a little bit". and anyone who knows about the shop knows that that is not how it ever ends up. 4 hours later we got out of there! but she was entertained with computer time, playing darts with mom and the big girls and rolling around in all the cool chairs.

the only thing that she wanted to do after seeing her grandparents was go to mcdonald's. so that's where we went to eat dinner. we stayed for a very long time since there is a nice play area in the one we went to. (the one our bishop owns.) and there are tons of big screen TVs so dad got to watch the debate and the girls played and mom started falling asleep in the big leather chairs by the tv. it was a great day for her!

once we have her big bash we'll post those pics too, but sarah's will be first since we haven't done her friend party yet and she turned 10 back in august!

gracie and "allie"
at mickey d's having fun on the playground.
eating sundaes and apple pie. yum!

welcome home!

so my parents made it home from their mission in ecuador. they came in on friday morning. they're first stop was in miami and we were able to go and welcome them home and chat for a while. they look great and seem to be excited to be home. of course it is always a bittersweet feeling when returning home from your mission. i too remember those days. seems like yesterday not 16 years ago! the girls were excited and gracie thought it was cool because it was her birthday. it's not everyday your grandparents come home from their 18 mo mission just for your birthday!

we are glad they had the opportunity to serve the lord, but are also glad that they are home now and we can call them whenever we want. hee hee! we love you!

welcome home elder &
hermana roberts!

girls waiting for them to clear customs.
with the sign they made themselves.
a big hug for grandpa.

yay! they're home!

we love miss gina

we have a fantastic storytime librarian at our local library, miss gina. (there is also miss kelly but we didn't get any pics with her duh!) sadly they are closing our branch for expansion for 18 months! so by the time they are done gracie will be in kindergarten and not be going to storytime anymore. :( so for our last storytime we took some pics to remember our good times here. we will see miss gina at the other branch since that is where we will be forced to go for a while, but no worries it's a nice library also, just not "ours". thanks for all the great times miss gina! we love ya!

gracie making her barn
gracie and miss gina (and pepe the tucan)

Sunday, September 28, 2008


okay could i have any more trouble getting this posted? i took the pictures sat afternoon on my way out to a baby shower and then the rs broadcast, thinking that when i got home that night i would be able to "just post them really quick". NOT the case! anyway, after the internet wouldn't work, blogger wouldn't download on the laptop, and then the pics wouldn't download from the laptop here i am at like 1:40 am bound and determined to get them on! so you better check this one out!

this is the deal you must take pictures of these same things,no cleaning, and then post.

have fun.

1. my favorite room

yes it is the bedroom and yes i make my bed everyday, except maybe like 4 times a year when someone's pullup has leaked two days in a row and i have to take the sheets off twice! even if my room is a disaster if the bed is made it makes me feel good. i love this room because i often close the door and lock it to get away from those crazy kids. this is also my favorite spot to read since my bed is soooooooo unbelievably comfy!

2. the closet

this one is mine and yes i am anal about the hanging of the clothes. everything according to sleeve length, collar style and color. i know i am not the only one in the world with this problem!

3. fav shoes

i live in south florida so the obvious choice is flip flops!

i think i have like 6 or 7 pairs! these are the ones of choice right now.

these are the ones of choice for church right now. as you can see they were on my feet while taking these pics.

but i had to take them off so you could see just how cute they really are. mauricio hates them because a) they make me taller than him, and b) he says they are 70's hippie gear! whatever!
4. what the kids are doing right now. i swear as i was taking the previous pictures they were all reading quietly and then they snuck onto the computer!!!
and yes, gracie is still wearing that dress from her bday. and she wore it to church today too. hey, doesn't bother me, less laundry to do! 5. the kitchen sink

no time for cleaning on the way out. besides it was still there when i got back. what happened to the maid? i think she needs to be fired, although it looks like she already was.

hey, what are sinks for if not for dirty dishes right?

6. the fridge

and mine is looking a bit bare in this picture. can we say grocery shopping anyone? hey there is a big pot of homemade chicken soup that will feed an army in there so don't think the kids are going to starve. and is that mickey d's i see up top?

7. the laundry room

not as big as i would like but a step up from our garage from the last house. and yes i do have a blue washer and dryer. love the colors!

a view of the other side.

8. the toilet

this is the guest/pool bathroom. what? did you think i was going to show you the horrifically messy kids bathroom? fat chance! that place is gross! whoever says that girls aren't messy never lived with my three messy monsters!

9. dream vacation

tuscany, italy

can i go right now please?10. self-portrait

sarah and i always do this face to each other. the other girls haven't quite mastered it yet but not for lack of trying.
hope that was fun for you. and now the lucky tagged winners are.........gina j., laura d., shauna h. and heidi (sorry heidi, but i knew you would play along, next one i swear i won't put you down.)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

hAppy bIrThdaY GraCie!!

okay so gracie is offically 5 as of sept 26th! she is a whole hand and it will be the only time she is half of sarah's age. just some interesting trivia about this particular birthday.

gracie has been asking me everyday "am i five yet mommy?" and today, friday, sept 26th, i can finally say "yes! you are five!"

and then she said to me in the car "do i still have to stay home with you mommy?" and i said "why? are you ready to go to school?" and she said "yes!" too funny!

we had a really fun day and i will post that tomorrow since you can see that i am barely getting this one done. she was so excited about her new dress (the one she is wearing in the last picture). and when we got home, late i might add, from dinner she was waiting for more presents, so i wrapped up a couple of things i had for her and when mauricio and i came out of our room to give them to her she was sitting on the couch waiting soooooo patiently for us. too cute. i think she is still awake playing with the two toys she got.

so here's to being a whole hand! we love you gracie and are soooooo glad to be your parents. enjoy being 5!
1 day old
2 weeks
4 mo
4 mo
6 mo as a leprachan
8 mo
11 mo
11 mo
1 year
13 mo looking for pumpkins at the pumpkin patch
13 mo

13 mo with her favorite friend, her thumb
17 mo as dj gracie
18 mo (easter)
19 mo "ta-da"
22 mo she would always sit on the watermelon at my in-laws
23 mo
23 mo (can you tell she loves hats?)
23 mo "ta-da"
2 years
3 yrs
3.5 years on the plane to utah
3.5 years with her cousin, summer
3.5 years as a flower girl in her aunt's wedding
4 years with her fav shirt
4 years with her fav toy, storm
4 years mwah-ha-ha! as a scarey witch!
4.5 years
4.5 years
5 years

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