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Friday, January 30, 2009

100 years of school

this year is the 100th year anniversary of the palm beach district schools so at the girls school today, which is also the 100th day of school this year, they decided to dress up like kids did back then. sarah decided not to participate since she has p.e. and didn't want to dress up and then get all sweaty. that's what she told me anyway.

savannah on the other hand was very excited about this event. she took her lunch in a little basket. and the lunch was great for me to make. bread with cheese and a few other things. no sandwich making for me today! and she came up with the idea to tie her books with a belt. thanks to grandma who made this dress a few years ago we already had that part of the outfit taken care of! she was too cute skipping off to school in her 100 year garb!

birthday dinner tradition

whenever it's someone's birthday in our family we go out for dinner. (which rarely ever happens) the birthday person gets to choose and savannah chose friendly's this year. it was fun. i was just glad i didn't have to cook!
since it was a school night sarah still had homework and was doing it at the restaurant! she had competed in an academic games before so she didn't have time to do it after school. she's such a nerd!

okay this is a first for me so we'll see how it works!

birthday fun at school

on savannah's birthday i was able to bring in some fun snacks for the special day. here are a few pics from the classroom.

savannah and her homeroom teacher
with her buddies

gracie always gets to join in the fun! (until next year.)
this is why everyone LOVES miss. c! a little girlfriend talk!

aunts and uncles are great!

during the holidays mauricio's sister celena and her husband, david came to visit from utah. they were nice enough to take sarah with them to orlando for a fun trip to go wake boarding. since i didn't go this is the only picture i have from the event. (when they got back!) she had such a great time! you know they are growing up when they go on trips without you. ): we love aunts and uncles!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hAppY bIrtHdaY saVanNaH

today is savannah's 8th birthday! hooray! here are a few (i use that term lightly) pics of her through the years. i can't believe how fast that 8 years has gone! she will be baptized next month when her grandparents and uncle (coming home from his mission this week) can get here.


okay doesn't she look like an eskimo? the nurse in the hospital almost didn't give her to me when she brought her in. she said only because our bracelets matched that she did!

this is how she was during most of her baths as an infant! love this pic. and those lips!

1 month

6 months10 months

first christmas at 11 months with her best friend, her pasi, until the age of 3!

1 year
18 months. she LOVED flag shirts at this age, so when they had this background at the studio i HAD to use it.
this is how she usually looks when eating chocolate (or anything for that matter!) later, when she was around 3 1/2 she would tell me she needed to have chocolate everyday so she could stay brown! too much!
2 years with her little bob!
3 years
3 1/2 years

4 years

5 years in kindergarten for an indian program. umm...she TOTALLY fits the bill for this one!
6 years
6 1/2 as cleopatra


Monday, January 26, 2009

carolina cousins

we had a great visit with cristina, matt and the boys. (matthew and christian) those boys are toooo funny! they had a great time running around shooting their guns and chasing brady! but he's used to it from gracie doing the same thing. only she isn't shooting the guns she's putting him in doll clothes and making him sit in a purse or a stroller!

gunnar jr.

over christmas break mauricio's sister, cristina, and her family came down from north carolina. they have one of our puppies. he was mauricio's fave. well, he is a complete clone of gunnar! it is uncanny! even his temperament (and yes this is the correct spelling. i checked on dictionary.com) is the same. WEIRD!

too bad we don't have any pics of the happy family reunion with all the dogs. let's just say it was not a moment cesar milan would be proud of. YIKES! but after the initial reintroduction they all played nicely. and no, he still does NOT have a name! what is up with that guys? they still call him puppy.

Friday, January 23, 2009

i'll be back

well, new year's eve i came down with a fabulous sinus infection so i have been absent from the blogosphere for a while. now that i have made my way out of a drug induced fog i will be posting again. tomorrow i get to go to an all day crop (alone and without children!) so after that i will catch up.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!

hope everyone had a great new year!!! we did! we stayed home and had our little family party and enjoyed it immensely. gracie kept saying "this is a fun party!"

sarah did a little documenting of her own.

we did a little dancing, (mauricio made me promise not to post the video)
a little t.v. watching, (this one is for sarah b/c she loves the jonas bros sooo much NOT)

a little game playing,

a little drinking, (sparkling cider, of course)
a little celebrating,
a little sleeping, (she didn't make it past 10:30)
and a little swimming!!!! (at like 1AM!!)

we also did a TON of eating!
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