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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

there's always a silver lining

apparently that brilliant storm that we were running from did a lovely number on palm beach county. umm..tornado warning and a few lightning strikes. good thing we were outside near it right? but after our day of sweating in the south florida sun and then getting rained upon we finished our evening with this: gotta love a good sunset!

one really hot, sweaty, rainy picnic

a picnic today really? what were we thinking? obviously we weren't. i had promised the girls that we would go on a picnic today, however i should have checked the weather before making any sort of promise that would involve being outdoors today. it was so dang hot and muggy! but i thought maybe, just maybe since we were heading east toward the beach that it would be okay since there is always a nice coastal breeze. NOT the case! we like to picnic under this really HUGE tree out by the intracoastal. seriously, it is HUGE. the pics below are of the girls playing on the ROOTS! anyhoo, the first sign of an uncomfortable afternoon was that when we arrived the tree had NO LEAVES! that means NO SHADE! but we sat under what shade we could find and ate our delicious picnic lunch. and when i say delish i mean DELISH! turkey and cheese sammies, grapes, strawberries, oranges, carrots, tomatoes,pudding, granola bars, chips, juice and water! HELLO YUMMY FOOD. but we ate and then tried to take a walk along the intracoastal. umm...can you say pouring sweat? we were DRIPPING from head to toe! and i am NOT exaggerating. so we decided it was time to head home to the luxury of the a/c. beside the fact that we kept hearing thunder and saw some really vicious storm clouds. (after we got in the car was when we saw all the big lightning.) let's just say i am glad that we are home now and we only got wet from the sweat and NOT the rain as well.

this is what the tree is supposed to look like. i didn't get any pics of how bare it was today but picture it without ANY leaves!

savannah surfing the roots.sarah striking a pose. these are the roots they are on!

even poor brady was dying of the heat! this was one of the reasons we left. YIKES!

zach's a teen!

it is official! my nephew, zachary, has now entered the "teen" years! yikes! can't imagine that in three short years he will be driving. now that's a scary thought! we had a great time down at their house for a celebration. good food. better company! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH! sarah and gracie with zachary's cousin julie
sarah enjoying the cake. yum!
savannah looking oh so cute. ooooo those lips! love them!
zachary doing crafts! hee hee!
i thought this one was cute how savannah is just laying there looking out the window. i wonder what she was thinking about.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

couldn't resist!

we love our uncle perry t.!!!

while my parents and brother were here the girls had a great time with their uncle perry t. here are a few fun pics. fixing the screen. as you can see gracie was busy supervising. playing world of warcraft!
eating popcorn with gracie in the pirate pants!
making savannah really tall!

Monday, March 9, 2009

savannah's party pics

after savannah's baptism we had her party at the house. it was a blast! we had lots of friends and family over. we ate lots of food, chatted, and the kids even swam! yes you people in cold places i said swam in february! (okay we did fire up the heater in the pool to make it nice and toasty!)

savannah got some great gifts! thanks to everyone! she especially LOVED the harry potter #5 movie! of course that was watched that same evening. and the next day at church her buddy gave her the 7th harry potter book! score! (thanks kleins! you rock!) needless to say she was in harry potter heaven!
the big girl bffs
savannah and her buddy from school. shayna!
apparently the real party was under the table.
happy birthday savannah! (again!)

Friday, March 6, 2009

savannah's baptism

we finally had savannah's baptism! she was so excited to get baptized! she asked her uncle perry and sarah to give the talks. it was a really nice day and we had a nice spirit at the baptism. her dad, however tried to baptize her as sarah, instead of savannah (you'll have to ask him about that one). and as tradition dictates she did have to go down twice! mauricio got a good teasing for that one and we decided that maybe by the time gracie is eight he will do it flawlessly. but then again, do we really want to mess with tradition? savannah looked so pretty in her white dress and we are so happy for her that she is baptized!

notice the nail polish color. grandma did them for her. too cute!a big hug for nono.
with her dad before she was dunked.
after the dunking! she was so cute in the bathroom afterwards. she was extremely excited telling me how happy she felt that she was baptized. she said "it was so cool mom!" "i loved going under the water!" "i feel so clean!" and then she added "i am extra clean since dad had to do it twice!"
with uncle perry

with grandma and grandpa uncle neal and aunt lisa
nona and nono hmm....i'm smelling christmas card picture. (check!)
the whole gang!

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