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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hAppY 10th biRthDaY SaRah!!!

today, august 12th, is sarah's 10th birthday! WOW! double digits! i can't believe that she is actually that old! we will celebrate by having her favorite breakfast of pancakes and then go out for dinner somewhere where they have yummy food! it will have to be somewhere that i like too since my birthday is on thursday and we will share our dinner night out. we love you ladybug!! we hope your birthday is fabulous and that you have a happy day!!

3 weeks old (sept 98)
2 1/2 months (oct 98) 3 months (nov 98)

first hockey game 1 year old (aug 99) all worn out after her first birthday party (aug 99)
with her buddy of 9 years, katie (nov 99)
they are both 1 year here.
2 years (aug 2000)
2 1/2 (nov 2000) twin brides at halloween with katie 3 yrs (oct 2001)
4th birthday (aug 2002)
first lost tooth 5 1/2 (2004)
1st grade 6 yrs (2005)
6 1/2 yrs (easter 2005)
sarah LOVES swimming! (jul 2005 almost 7yrs)
july 2005 (almost 7)

baptism pic. 8yrs old (august 2006)

sarah loves her aunt glenda! 9yrs (sept 2007)
9yrs (sept 2007)
sarah is the monkey lover in the fam. (march 2008 9yrs)

sarah the soccer star! 9yrs

spring break 2008 (9yrs)
rock on!!!! (9yrs)

summer 2008 (9yrs)

with katie 8yrs later! august 2008 (almost 10)
this is actually katie's bday party last week!!
happy birthday katie!
ever the goofball!!
we love ya sarah!!


Heidi said...

Happy birthday Sarah!

Heather she is beautiful! And so talented. Thanks for sharing all the photos of her through the years, how fun!

Enjoy your dinner out and happy birthday to you early -- make you you post some pictures of you through the years on your birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Life will never be the same now that you have a 10 year old. I love the pictures. She is beautiful. Happy Day to Sarah & you!!!

Pollock Family said...

I love the personality flowing from all her pictures! Happy birthday to both of you!

About dogs I told Justin you bred German Shepherd and he would've bought one in a heart beat... minus the extensive traveling to do so:) I think you're a better dog mom than me. Apollos RARELY gets to come in the house, A. because there's paint and flooring unfinished every where you turn B. Grayson is just too little. At 9 months Grayson has NO idea that dogs and toys are not the same. Apollos also steps right on him. If you have any "train your dog around the kids" tricks pass them on down. He's actually trained in the basic sit, stay, place, heel but I don't want to yank on his choke collar every 5 seconds around the kids.

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