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Sunday, August 16, 2009

playing at playmobile

i am SLOWLY getting the rest of our summer stuff up on the blog. fun for you. here in west palm beach there is a playmobile indoor park. air conditioned, you can bring your own food and only 94 cents/person to get in! can't beat that! sarah was bored but the two little ones had a great time!

matthew wouldn't smile pretty for the camera.
gracie in her element.
okay so the WHOLE time we were there she was begging to be put on this thing. there were signs that said you weren't supposed to but tons of people were doing it anyway. so my girlfriend who was with us said "just put her up there for a picture already." after that she was fine.
she stood by that thing for like an hour b/c she was afraid someone else would come and take her spot! goofball!
sarah in a rare photo that day. i am sure i threatened to embarrass her to get her to pose for this.


Heidi said...

Oh my gosh my kids would love to go there! What fun!

I guess we'll have to come over for a visit! :)

Beth said...

What a cool place! And I had to laugh that you have High School musical What Time is It? playing on your playlist. Is it because it is back to school time?

katie k said...

of course the two oldest are too cool for photos! matthew only lets me take photos now when he is holding Olivia! That place looks like fun for kids!

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