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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

what were you doing at 4 am on the fourth of july?

we were waking up to go cheer on our dad for his first triathlon.  mauricio has been training hard since january and this past weekend he participated in his first of many races.  he did very well and we are very proud of him. he, his brother and our brother-in-law all participated.  just fyi - this is a photo heavy post. 

here are the boys getting ready.
hmmmm....do you think they know about this?
neal on the bike transition.
m on the bike transition.  ooooooo! look at those muscles!
because why wouldn't you have a bird on your head at an athletic event?
and because there has to be a speedo in every crowd.
way to go guys! a job well done.
the girls are ready to go.  it was soooooo HOT (and it was only 9am when i took this.)
a ladybug to brighten our day.
crashed on the way home.
a man and his bike.

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rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Thanks for the speedo pic...now where's the bleach for my eyes....

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