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Thursday, August 30, 2012

happy belated sarah!

it's a bit late, but well, that's how i roll here in the blogosphere.  sarah celebrated her 14th birthday this month and it was pretty low key since it was just us and it was a sunday! she was showered by much love and plenty of presents by both her family and friends.  we even got a skype call in with her grandparents on their mission in chile! 

so for her celebration we chilled out and watched the olympics and the closing ceremonies and had brownies and ice cream! what more could a girl want right?

 chilaxing after church and opening presents.

 ooooo! a hunger games poster.  grace picked this one out especially for her. she was sooooo excited to get it for her.  she had been planning for months! 
 the piece de resistance! her very own flat iron in a union jack motif to boot! plus some cash! she is loaded now!!
 oh my! now she can style her hair a la britannia!
oh. my. gosh! 

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