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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hangin with Katie

last week we had sarah's bff ,katie, over for a few days. they have been buds since they were both a year old, and they are a week apart in age. katie being the more mature one by 7 days. she is an animal lover to the max so she was in heaven with all the puppies. and best of all i don't think i took brady out once while she was here! you're the best katie!

the girls really had fun with her. we watched movies, played with the puppies, swam, ate homemade bluberry and chocolate chip pancakes, played with the puppies, made cookies, and did i mention played with the puppies? we love our bffs!!!

dogs talking to each other.



gracie the mermaid.

bffs rule!

even brady went swimming.

all tired out.

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