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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Puppies, Puppies Everywhere!

brady relaxing

Well, we now are the proud owners of 10 new puppies! One little cute morkie that I bought and Maya, our female German Shepherd, had her pups this morning! (July 6, 2008) She had 11 puppies but we lost two. We almost lost one other one but she was a fighter and after that she is the loudest of the litter! They are sooooo cute and pudgy. Sarah says they look like rats. She is 9. Mother and puppies are doing fine. It will be lots of work but hopefully will go quickly. So, who is up for a new big German Shepherd to bless their lives? Come on, you know you want one!

Big and Little

Oh the life of a new mom!

Maya the mommy

The little morkie is fine. His name is Brady. He is the cutest thing! Loves to chase the girls around and run after the big dogs. He is a crack up. Definitely being spoiled by everyone since he is so small. Pretty soon the Shepherd pups will be bigger than he is! He is a whopping 2.2 lbs. It will be more fun once the potty training is over! UGH!




Wow! That's a great blog! The kids and the puppies are so cute. I love your Yorkie. Did you do all the bolg page yourself? You did a great job. How do you do it all?

3girlsmom said...

yes, i can proudly say i did it myself. but i am in no way a pro like some people. thanks! i don't do it all trust me. my house was a complete wreck until today. now it is only half a wreck!

gaw189 said...

Awesome job!!! the girls look beautiful and big. What the heck? you bought a poochie? I was surprised but his a cutie, and guess what? you are living in a kennel, but oh what fun eh. puppies are too cute. Wish we could be there. luvs, G.

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