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Monday, August 18, 2008

Back To School Blues

We are singin' the back to school blues here in not so sunny south florida. with the approaching tropical storm/hurricane we started our school year in rainy and wet mode! at least it was nice when the morning began so we could get some good pics of the girls.

the girls are excited about the new school year. i, however, am not. i love not having a schedule and sleeping in. and i love having the kids at home, most of the time anyway. but i must admit it was quite nice to only have one with me at the mall today.

happy new school year!! sarah's last first day of elementary school! ):

next year gracie will be joining them!
sarah and her buddy, katrina, who is NOT in her class this year. bummer!

savannah in her new 2nd grade classroom.


Coronado's said...

i agree, a cache 22. it's nice to have someone else entertain them once in a while, but the mornings stink. what time do they start? do you get to sleep in for even a little while?

Coronado's said...

..... they look fabulous in their uniforms! :)

3girlsmom said...

no sleeping in!! we are up at 6am!!! they will catch the bus from now on and it comes at 6:45!!! yikes!

i too love the uniform policy. it is great!!! we save so much money in back to school clothes.

Heidi said...

I would like to save some money on back to school clothes. I feel like i am breaking the bank every year. Your girls look beautiful and happy to be headed off to school.

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