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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fun with Friends!

we had a really fun visit with some friends of mine from high school. rhonda, jeff and their adorable daughter, shanen came all the way from missouri. as you can see from the pics, we had lots of fun while they were here. the girls adored shanen and thought she was really cool. they came and stayed with us for a few nights on thier way to a caribbean cruise. oh la la! thanks for coming to hang out with us. we had such a great time! let's do it again soon!

of course the puppies were a big hit!

and so were the big ones! shanen thought it was cool that gunnar likes to swim with us.

popsicle tounges.

rhonda treated all of the girls to manicures! that was a real treat. although this scarey asian dude kept trying to pick up on rhonda! umm...how do you say "take a hike buddy" in vietnamese?

okay excuse the carol brady hair! i am in desperate need of a trim.

everyone all prettied up!


Pollock Family said...

What are you talking about Carol Brady hair! I wish mine looked like that when I need a trim! Love the Asian nail places:)

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time together. I love anything that has to do with pampering.

Idaho Pascoes said...

How fun! You can't do stuff like that with boys - well, no, wait,I guess Benjamin would argue otherwise. =)
Diva, our black lab, loves swimming in Grandpa David's pool. The only swimming she gets anymore is when Bob takes her to the lake. Enjoy the puppies!
Love Khristie

Phillips Family said...

It looks like everyone had a blast. I'm glad you founf us, know we can keep in touch.

Heidi said...

I agree you don't have Carol Brady hair -- you are missing the flip! :)

It looks like you had a great time I'll have to pop in some time!

3girlsmom said...

heidi, anytime you want to come and hang out with us in sunny south florida come on down!!

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