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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Puppies are Growing!

just wanted to shoot a few pics of the growing puppies. they are getting soooo big and running around everywhere and some are even barking! it is so funny. brady had fun playing with them since, for now, they are his size. not for long!

dorothy & toto? (notice the sparkly red shoes)

brady (4mo) fatso (4 wks)

this is blue otherwise known as "fatso"

this one is pinkie, everybody's favorite. she may become permanant.

isn't she adorable?

glenda and james meet your new puppy "red". she is the one we saved.

she's all ready to come and meet you with her big "red" bow on.

this is yellow (bear), the biggest male!

gunnar the chicken checking out the offspring, with maya watching closely.

puppy kisses.

yellow (bear), pinkie and blue (fatso).

one of their first meals.


Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

I can't believe that anyone is patient enough to deal with all of those puppies!!! The dog we just adopted from a family in our ward isn't fixed, and they went on and on about how she has papers and how much they paid for her, and how much you can "sell" pure breed boxer pups for. I'm like, "Oh that's nice - I don't do the whole blood thing. Roger, when can we get her fixed?"

3girlsmom said...

i just remember that they will not be here forever. no don't do the breeding thing. this was an accident that will never happen again!!

Shauna said...

They are soooo darn cute. I have to catch myself before I want one. Puppies are so sweet!

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