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Thursday, January 1, 2009

christmas day

here are the pics from christmas day. it was a bit rainy that day so we pretty much stayed in the house and ate, slept and watched movies. okay and just so you know we were up til like 2am and savannah and gracie came in and woke us up at 3:45am!!!!!!!!! are you kidding me??? "come look! santa brought us boots and gracie's scooter!" i vaguely remember saying something like "what the heck are you doing?" and "go back to bed!"

they drug mauricio out to see the loot apparently, but the next thing i remembered was someone snoring in my ear at about 7:45 and as i turned over i was greeted with savannah and gracie in my bed and mauricio on the floor! don't even want to know how that happened. and this year we had to actually wake sarah up! that was a first.

i skipped the traditional turkey dinner this year out of tiredness and really not wanting to do it again so close to thanksgiving. so thanks to my friend heidi and her book club i made wild rice soup that was superb!!!! with rolls and salad!!!! but i did do a apple-cranberry dessert! yum!

sarah's dream came true with the arrival of prince caspian.
this was the best gift for savannah. it is the coolest book with lots of cool envelopes with little letters tucked inside and at the end it has a wand with neat feathers, stones, crystals and sand to put inside. throughout the book, that she read entirely, it tells you how to make the wand and take care of it. and the best part is that i got it 40% off! i am all about the bargains baby!

toss across! this has brought lots of fun to our house during christmas break! thanks santa!
savannah modeling the hat sarah gave her. sarah bought her gifts this year with her own money she earned from working over the summer.
the girls asked santa for calendars and he produced these awesome harry potter ones! good call santa!
savannah's dreams came true with the harry potter dvd #4.
gracie was sooooo happy to have her "big girl" scooter. i tried to tell her to ask for one of those ones with three wheels, but she wasn't having any of that! "those are for babies mom." she says to me. she had fun riding it on the patio due to the inclement weather.
and thanks to a HUGE pack of bubble yum in gracie's stocking she learned to blow bubbles on christmas day! and the pack was gone in like 2 days!!!! she goes through gum faster than underwear!
don't know where she was going in this get up but i think the weather must have cleared and she was out to ride her scooter and blow bubbles with her gum with her nightgown and boots on! watch for her to be doing all this in a few weeks while talking on a cell phone.

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Heidi said...

Ugh -- your girls got up earlier than anyone I know! At least they went back to sleep!

It looks like the girls scored some great gifts and I am glad you enjoyed the soup. I didn't do a big dinner either and it was so nice.

I am glad you had a Merry Christmas!

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