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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hAppY bIrtHdaY saVanNaH

today is savannah's 8th birthday! hooray! here are a few (i use that term lightly) pics of her through the years. i can't believe how fast that 8 years has gone! she will be baptized next month when her grandparents and uncle (coming home from his mission this week) can get here.


okay doesn't she look like an eskimo? the nurse in the hospital almost didn't give her to me when she brought her in. she said only because our bracelets matched that she did!

this is how she was during most of her baths as an infant! love this pic. and those lips!

1 month

6 months10 months

first christmas at 11 months with her best friend, her pasi, until the age of 3!

1 year
18 months. she LOVED flag shirts at this age, so when they had this background at the studio i HAD to use it.
this is how she usually looks when eating chocolate (or anything for that matter!) later, when she was around 3 1/2 she would tell me she needed to have chocolate everyday so she could stay brown! too much!
2 years with her little bob!
3 years
3 1/2 years

4 years

5 years in kindergarten for an indian program. umm...she TOTALLY fits the bill for this one!
6 years
6 1/2 as cleopatra



Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Savannah! Gorgeous inside and out!

Older and Wisor said...

More and more beautiful each year! Love the dimples. Happy Birthday Savannah!

Pollock Family said...

My first comment to Justin as I'm looking at your blog (every time I look) is, "her girls are SO beautiful!" Happy birthday Savannah!

Heidi said...

Happy Happy Birthday Savannah!

Wow 8 years old! How exciting to have another daughter baptized. I love these milestone birthdays they mean so much and make me a little teary. Lily will be baptized in July and I know I will be a wreck. I can't wait to the the pictures from Savannah's big day.

The Johnston's said...

Happy Birthday! I love the pictures!!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday, Savannah! What a beauty!

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