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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

funny phone call #2

okay this one will be shorter. i hope. i posted this separately only because i like this cool picture of THIS phone too. (and you think i'm kidding!)
so i am out and about on saturday doing my thing when the phone rings. seeing that it is not mauricio at home with all the kids (2 of them who are sick) calling me i decide to answer! hee! hee! lo and behold it is a call from the superintendent of the palm beach county school system. (well, a recorded message anyway. i'm not that cool to get a direct call from him.) the first thing i think is DANG! it's saturday and the kids don't have to be in school why are you sending me another message? (see previous post about call #1.) then i think wow! they really must be cracking down on people who don't send their kids to school and now my delinquency has been forwarded to the head honcho himself! but, as i listen to the message it is,in fact, a recording about how important it is for our kids in palm beach county to be at school this upcoming week because this is the week they figure out the funding issues! are you kidding me? (read this next part in a deep man's voice) "make sure your kids are in class this week so we can get the most funding as possible." that makes me laugh! i guess it's okay not to go the other weeks except this one and, of course, fcat week! (for those of you who are not acquainted with the florida school system you don't even want to know what fcat is, except everyone gets all stressed out over it. in my opinion for nothing at all!)

anyhoo, had to share that with ya! that was a new one for me! and of course being the rebel that i am sarah was not in attendance on monday! (okay it wasn't because i was being rebellious, she was still sick.)

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