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Saturday, February 14, 2009

you CANNOT be serious!!! (a little president's day fun)

well, since president's day is around the corner i thought i would share this little tid-bit with you all.  enjoy!

okay so i was in target the other day and struck up a conversation with a young sales associate.  we got to talking about my kids (what a surprise) and how they always comment to me about things being "back in the day".   and this is what followed:

me:  "yeah, my favorite was when one of my girls (savannah, and yes i will name names!) asked me if i was alive when george washington was president."

girl:  (with a glazed over dumb look on her face)  "yeah, i guess that was a while ago wasn't it." (and she was NOT being silly,sarcastic or joking around!)

(what i thought)  "are you freaking kidding me?" "how old do i freaking look to you????" "do you think george washington was our 43rd president?"

girl:  "oh and you know we had a president named george bush right?"  (me thinking "well duh?")  "well, did you know that his dad was president also and his name was george bush too?"  "and that his brother was the governor of florida?"

(what i thought with my mouth agape) "are you freaking serious?"  before i actually said: "umm.. yes i did know that."  "what the heck are they teaching you in school?" "don't you learn about the presidents?"

i know the last part wasn't that nice but COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  she wasn't THAT young NOT to know about that.  seriously, MY kids who are 10 and 8 know that!!!!!!!  and they weren't even alive when the first george bush was in office!!!



Older and Wisor said...

You might want to consider homeschooling...seems that the public school system might be a bit lacking ;)

3girlsmom said...


Beth said...

Apparently the "Leave No Child Behind" act, really left someone behind.

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