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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's that time of year

sarah has been quite the busy bee with school activities lately and for some reason some of them have not been posted. can i get a big DUH! (thanks.) i will only post two of them right now. the dance will have to have it's very own post. fun video of sarah ACTUALLY dancing! (she will kill me when she sees it posted!)

first up are the pics from the drum concert. i was trying to get her not to participate b/c i am a lazy parent that way, but glad she insisted since it was way cool.

her and her buddy, katrina

here are the pics from field day. glad i only went for the afternoon. (it was sooooo HOT!) and none from savannah's (the day before) as hers was cancelled due to massive thunderstorms. that's florida for ya!this was the relay where they had to fill up a bucket of water with a cup that had a hole punched in the bottom. at first i thought they were kidding when they told me, but they were not.
sarah's class. can you find her teacher? if it weren't for his mustache he would blend right in with the students! (he's a little height challenged. hee hee! sarah LOVES her teacher.)
with her buddies, becky and katrina
the tug-of-war finale that they won! yay sarah's class! (seriously that girl all the way to the right in the picture is WAY tall and she's in sarah's class!)

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Heidi said...

She is so CUTE! Really!

Great pictures. I like the idea of a drum concert - that looks like fun and who doesn't love field day? Ours is on Thursday.

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