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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dance little sister!

sarah is finishing up her last year in elementary school and they are going out with a big bang! here are the pics from the "dance". (and i use that term very loosely) as you can see it was a luau theme. a good time was had by all. i know there are a lot of pictures and clips but they are quite entertaining. the three musketeers

yes, sarah is actually up dancing.

i love this picture of sarah. she is totally giggling like the little school girl that she is.
watch out for the dude on the left. he looks like he's had WAY too many juice boxes! thank goodness his mom came to get him and he didn't ride his skateboard home. and i think hannah, the girl in front, is trying to throw some kind of gang sign. kids these days!
and, as promised, the video of sarah in action!
this was one of the girl's favorite numbers of the night. it was only played like 3 times unlike that new black eyed peas song that the dj played 5,876 times. (not kidding) and you have to check out the kid in the background at the end of the clip. he's in sarah's class and she said "dylan has like 145 lais on and he is like really sweaty and ewww." so i told her to be quiet and go have fun like he's having or else i am going to get up and dance to the beyonce single ladies song. she promptly went out on the dance floor and started "boogying" (is that even a word?) because she knew i wasn't kidding. and seriously, it might look cute when you're in 5th grade, but it's not pretty when I start doing it! (at least that's what my girls tell me when i do it at home.)

the ever popular cha-cha slide. i say you can never have too much of that! (or can you?)

this one is always a party fave. but what i really wanted was for you all to see the hot mom with her bare midruff. please! it's a 5th grade dance! cover yourself up woman! if not for us, for the sake of the children!


Older and Wisor said...

The boy in the background is crackin' me up! HAHAHA Hopefully she'll have the same attitude about dancing when she's 17...

Beth said...

Heather- if you and I are ever in a PTA together or the same state/school- I would so break out in the Beyonce style dance with you! Regardless of how embarrassing my kids would be. I do it to them all the time. I'm sure they are scarred for life. But hey what is a life if it isn't worth a little spontaneous dance and song!

Ben and Raquel said...

my favorite is the girl who walks across the camera at the end of the first video in a coconut bra - SERIOUSLY, she was working it.

Mari said...

Soooo great!!! Love your family updates on your side bar...especially your two word description of Gracie. Hilarious!!!

Grandpa D & Grandma P said...

You're got a really cutie for a daughter. but then look at her mom!

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