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Thursday, July 16, 2009

lemony goodness....or what we've been pigging out on all summer

this summer our yummy treat has been something we saw here.

(photos on this post courtesy of sarah)

with a little of this (okay who are we kidding? with a lot of this!)

a little squeeze of this. ( i won't tell you what sarah said it looked like. use your imagination.)

four of theseslightly beaten mix it together (with a whole bunch of other stuff of course)add in a cute little chef strike a pose and you get this delectable treat! (notice how we couldn't wait to dig in.)
lemon squares!

and the best part: eating them. preferably several at once.

enjoy the rest of your summer!

1 comment:

Older and Wisor said...

Mmmmm - Can I come over?
I love lemon sqaures but never get to make them...nobody else in this house will touch them. Not that I couldn't take out a whole pan by myself. Which is why I don't make them ;)

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