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Sunday, July 19, 2009

moseying at mizner

last month after we got our culture on at the boca art museum we thought we'd mosey around mizner park right outside. (WARNING: there are lots of pictures of very cute children coming up. so if you get bored to death with that kind of stuff please step away from this post.)

this is what the sky looked like on one side. but, like it does alot here in south florida, it passed us over. i love it when the sky looks like this. especially if i can curl up with a good book indoors.so our moseying (is that even a word? sure enough it is. i checked it on dictionary.com for all of you naysayers out there.) turned into a photo shoot. the pics of sarah are only a few of the ones i took of her while she was on her "mom i'm a model" kick that afternoon.
i love this one of these two. pure delicious silliness that only little girls can exude. strike a pose.
these girls are seriously workin' in.
me and my chocolate girl.
i love the way gracie is looking at sarah in this one so i had to post it.
just a little glimpse of why she has no younger siblings.

see! the sun came back out. the girls wanted me to take a picture of these flowers. i have to agree, they are very pretty.

what a great afternoon.


Older and Wisor said...

Is that R E D hair? It's the best, you know ;)

katie k said...

your girls look adorable, and you look fabulous!

Laura D said...

Your girls are so beautiful! And you finally look a little tan!

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