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Friday, May 28, 2010

our little picasso

apparently we have a budding artist in the family.  this is a funny story worth telling. (well, i think so and since it's my blog i can.)

gracie came home one day after school and said she had a special paper for art.  me, being busy in the kitchen said "good for you honey. go put it in your special folder so you don't lose it." 

about a week later we are leaving the school and as i am signing out she says "mom, my picture is hanging up on the wall."  and lo and behold there she hung!  of course i had my camera like the crazy, obsessed  good parent i am.

fast-forward a few weeks and i am reading every inch of the school newsletter like i do faithfully every month. don't you?  anyhoo, i was looking over the art news and saw the little blip about the artists around town and noticed the kindergarten section with her classmate's name and then saw hers right underneath!  the article said the students were sent home with a note telling the family where the art was displayed.  um.....yeah, i am sure you can guess what i went looking for right?

the top drawing is her self-portrait displayed at a local bank of america.

a few weeks later we were cordially invited to a "milk and cookies reception" to view her displayed art in the front office.  she was so excited and we were enormously proud of her.  in retrospect, i vowed to pay a bit more attention to things she brings home from school.  i should have seen this coming as she is extremely creative and LOVES drawing, crafting and making things.  she even saved the foil wrapper from her chocolate easter bunny and drew a scene and pasted it on to the scene.  3d AND she is totally with the trend of recycled art!


Heidi said...

That is REALLY great! How fun that their artwork was displayed around town! She is super talented!

Pollock Palooza said...

Yay for Gracie!

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