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Friday, May 21, 2010

a visit from the tooth fairy

well, the last of the linares girls has lost her first tooth.  excitement does not begin to describe her feelings upon discovering it was loose a few weeks ago. 

so, saturday as we were sweating buckets having fun at sarah's soccer game, she asked me to check on the progress of its looseness.  i obliged like the good mother that i am and it came right out!  

she was a bit nervous that the tooth fairy wouldn't accept it because she had to borrow her sister's tooth fairy pillow since her lazy very busy mom couldn't get it done in time.  she was awarded $2 and a nice note from the tooth fairy explaining that it was okay to use savannah's pillow.  it also said some other stuff that i was a bit puzzled about.  one sentence read: "that book you are reading sounds interesting, i'll have to check the bookstore for it", "i am not of any particular nationality", and "p.s. i do like your sister savannah." hmmmm.....what was IN that note she left the tooth fairy?

clearly she had been doing some crafting with blue markers.


Heidi said...

What the what?

Heather is blogging again!?!

Whoo hooo!

It's good to see what you have all been up to again. Will lost his first tooth last month too. Here the tooth fairy is known as "Jerry". We found that out from a note Alli wrote him (that was the debate 11 years ago - male or female).

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

At least it's just the MOM that's lazy, not the tooth fairy himself. It must be a him since he totally flakes at our house, usually running a minimum of three days late...clearly man behavior.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

p.s I think you'll be blogging alot more since school is almost out and you'll need something to distract you from the fighting.

I mean "family time." The lovely, wonderful family time that summer brings.

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