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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it's still christmas right?

well, hey! i know we're already halfway through january and all, but who doesn't like to extend the holidays a little?  and besides, all my decorations are STILL up!  so it still feels like christmas?

we had a blast this christmas.  my parents, brother and natalia, a friend of theirs from ecuador, came down to celebrate with us.  everyone received wonderful gifts and some in the family some not so fun gifts.  (you know the kind that involves puking your guts out for a day or two.) but we survived and enjoyed ourselves in spite of 5 out of the 8 of us getting sick. we bought and opened gifts, ate candy, had yummy turkey and all the fixings, watched a ton of movies, went to some fun places (pics to follow later.), and had a grand old time just spending time together.

grace got her bell from santa's sleigh this year.  
and grandpa got a really fun toy too!
what makes a 12 year old movie buff more excited than a new blue ray?  two new blue rays! santa, oh how we love thee.
grace really wanted to get EVERYONE in the family a gift. including brady. even if the toy is almost as big as he is!
 this barbie was uber special because it is an older version, so the elves had to break out the mold from storage to make it just for grace.  she almost thought she'd have to wait til next year. santa you rock dude!
for the sewing buff. two super cute purple bears to make herself.
grace, already using one of her gifts.  anyone for play-doh cake?? yum.
and of course it wouldn't be christmas without a BIG OL PILE of trash!


Anonymous said...

I'll take Grandpa's toy!

blueeyedfreckle said...

I can't wait for play-doh and barbies!!! what a fun toy age. your girls look beautiful and your house looks so beautifuly decorated for christmas. no wonder you don't want to take down the decorations! (I still have my tree up out of laziness.)

and yes, that dress from my post last month or the month before, on olivia was probably from you:) so maybe it wasn't an 80s dress,,, a 90's dress? either way, it has that vintage look which I LOVE! thanks again for all those great clothes you gave me:)

Tori @ FIToriBLOG.com said...

what a fun family you have!!! we are expecting our first...a girl! can't wait to have fun Xmas morns like this in the future!!!

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