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Thursday, December 30, 2010

a little christmas cheer

grace had her fun polar express day at school.  jammies and cocoa in class. what more could a 1st grader ask for? 

and as a mom i cannot thank the teacher enough for not using the full sized box for the train cars.  mrs. mcgrath you rock! (and for the record, the smoke stack was entirely her idea. little creative bugger.)
 looking for the perfect tree.  
we were so excited that it was chilly the night we went christmas tree shopping!  it made for a definitely festive trip.
  the annual christmas concert. (thank goodness there was only one.)
 visit to the big guy in the red suit.
 sarah the sullen pre-teen.
 unfortunately for my kids, the only way they will ever see snow in south florida is when we visit the snow globe in the mall.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a busy year. Glad to see you follow Caitlin's blog. Hope you got our card. Happy New Year!

Heidi said...

I've been a little behind on the blogging and whew you have been catching up like crazy!

I love all your Christmas decorations! You house looks so festive a happy.

And rock on Linares family with all the running! Seriously you guys make me tired just reading the blog!

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