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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minnie mouse was rockin' the house

from the minute we walked into Disney world Gracie knew exactly what she wanted as a souvenir.  a stuffed Minnie mouse doll.  Mauricio and i have a Minnie and mickey from our last trip about 5 years ago and she is FOREVER playing with them, so i kinda knew it was coming.  she and Minnie became fast pals.

minnie went everywhere with her.  when we got on a ride sometimes she was tucked into the backpack for safe keeping.  mostly, though, she was tucked right under gracie's arm.
the next day she moved in for the kill with her daddy; minnie mouse ears! how does a grown man say no to a little 7 year old who has been looking forward to disney for her entire life? he doesn't.  he just says, "which ones do you want sweetie?"  she had to have the ones that looked "just like minnie's".
and as you can see, those went everywhere too!
seriously, we got super lucky with this one.  apparently minnie does not hang out with mickey all day in his tent! what????? she spends most of her time in epcot or mgm. (at least that's what the "cast members" told us anyway.) thank goodness when we went to see mickey she happened to step in for a bit and boy did that make gracie's day.  i was glad we did not have to walk away with a crying and disappointed little girl.  she had even spent her own money to buy a minnie mouse autograph book and pen! she was determined to see minnie mouse if it killed her!
and, as always, meeting your favorite character at disney world is never a disappointment.  thanks minnie.  you rock!
and can guess what grace said on our last day? "mom, i think next time we come i need to get a mickey stuffed doll so minnie won't be lonely." i knew it was coming! she already got her foot in the door and prepared me for the next time.  she's a clever one she is.

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