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Thursday, February 3, 2011

who knew frontierland could be so scary and fun at the same time?

 from this picture you would never know that the little ones are scared to get on splash mountain.  sarah, she's just scared about getting her hair wet. 
now the fear comes out!
(if you think that's scary, wait til you see the next picture!)
don't say i didn't warn ya pardner!
 be on the look out for them thare injuns!
don't let their pretty faces fool you.
these natives are pretty vicious too.

riverboat ride

 this one's for you brady, since you are the sheriff in dog town.


El Scotto said...

Heather, you might enjoy Nate's wife Katina's blog, here is the link: http://robertsfamilyyouputthehappyinmyness.blogspot.com/

blueeyedfreckle said...

oh man I can't wait to take family vacations like these with my own children!!! heck I just can't wait to take olivia to disney period. and I never even cared about disney. until I had a kid! It makes everything so exciting again don't you think? you get to re-live things as they experience them for the first time.

your girls are adorable.

Nick and Titi said...

i like how savannah is actually happy in these pics. hahahaha.

Mari said...

Love your photos!
Love your family!
Love your updates!

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