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Monday, September 26, 2011

it's great to be eight!

well, our baby is eight today! it's hard to believe that the last one will be baptized in a few weeks.  she is definitely an irreplaceable part of our family.  we love her for so many reasons but we will give you our top eight.
1. she is a little zany.
2. she is laid back, on most occasions. 
 3. she's still just a little girl. 
 4. she is a good sharer.
 5. she knows how to have fun!
 6. she has her own sense of style.
7. she loves her big sisters immensely.
8. she truly adds a unique dimension to our family unit.

you are a beautiful part of our family little one and we hope your birthday is everything and more!

we love you & happy birthday!

1 comment:

Mari said...

Happy Birthday, Gracie!!
You are darling....please take your time growing up.
Have a wonderful baptism day--wish we could be there.
Love, Mari

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