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Friday, September 2, 2011

rambo and the not so muddy mud bash

a few months ago we went up to orlando to do a "mud bash".  well, on the way our car overheated and we were stranded for about 2 hours on the turnpike in about 90 degree 80% humidity weather.  did i mention we also had two kids with us? good times.  we were also supposed to meet sarah coming home from girls camp on the road...we were a little late.  we saw a machine shop on the other side of the fence and prayed they could help us.  mauricio braved the florida brush to get us two big jugs of water! yay! it was harder than it looked apparently.  that's why he's the ironman! ;)

our hero!
here we are AFTER the mud race.  do you notice what is missing? it was more like a dirty water trail run.  we signed up because of this.  tell me that doesn't look fun.  and why didn't we look like them after the race.  i think we deserve a partial refund.

1 comment:

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Dear Mauricio,

You're a stud.


Your Wife's Cousin that has a hubby that would never brave the bush for fear of snakes or even worse: getting muddy

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