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Monday, July 14, 2008

Summertime Swimming!

this summer we have really enjoyed hanging out in the pool again. gracie, since these pics were taken, has learned to swim without the floatie. at least in the shallow end. the best part is that she did it all on her own. she says to me "look what i can do mom!" and as i turned around she was swimming all on her own UNDER the water! way to go gracie! she said to me afterward, "mom did you see me being a mermaid?" too funny! here's to summertime!!

making very important swimming decisions.

summer rocks!!

savannah "catching a tan." (like she needs to get any darker right?)


Shauna said...

Happy Summer! Welcome to the Blogosphere! Check mine out for some links to blogs you may enjoy!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! Your family is gorgeous! It will be fun to keep up on you and yours. I love the swimming photos -- tell your "mermaid" congratulations!

3girlsmom said...

thanks shauna. i will check out yours too. i think this has become my new obssession!

heidi i will let the mermaid know. and i am so excited to keep in touch this way. way fun! can't wait. love ya!

Coronado's said...

well hello heather, 15 years later. no, i'm not a blog stalker, i just got a forwarded emailed from my dad earlier this morning with your blog address in it. :)

holy smokes, i can't believe how big your girls are. how old are they now?

i'm going to add you to our links list. i look forward to "seeing" you guys. you can see us anytime at coronadoclan (dot) blogspot (dot) com

Melissa said...

Happy Summer to the Linares family. The pics are very sweet of the girls and the puppies are so cute. Congrats to mommy for all of those puppies. Spoke to Kelley yesterday while having my hair appointment. She's still crazy over the class reunion memories. Summer has finally arrived in Missouri. This week has been the worst so far - finally reaching upper 90's but no 100's yet. Our pools has been a bit chilly - honestly I'm still enjoying the hot tub to stay warm. Tell you family "HI" and take care!

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