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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

gracie's birthday party (FINALLY!)

we FINALLY had gracie's birthday party!!! she had a great time with her family and friends and there were plenty of horse presents to go around! gracie with her buddies cyan and summer lots of presents

here's all the kids!

gracie and cyan

this is the cake!!! HUGE, i know, but gracie specifically asked for princesses with a horse and carriage on top of her cake. wouldn't you know that we happened to have that in the playroom! so, the cake had to be big enough to hold the dang thing!

gracie and nonagracie with her uncle neal, aunt lisa and cousin zachary
gracie was so tired from all the activity throughout the day that she totally fell asleep on the patio! it was a good day for her. notice the lantern. my girls and my girlfriend's kids, katie and matthew played outside in the dark for a few hours! she and i snuck outside and totally scared the crap out of them too! that was classic!!!!!


Phillips Family said...

Happy Birthday Gracie. It looks like she had a great day.

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

You're such a classy mom...I would've let the horse be all hanging off on the side! haha I think the last photo lets us all know how much fun she had ;)

Heidi said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love the cake too -- how very fancy smancy you are!

Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

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