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Saturday, November 8, 2008

oh the randomness of life

i have been tagged once again so all of you beware out there in the blogosphere!  i have to list 7 random things about myself.  like you heidi (the tagger) i don't know what i can list but i will try.

1. i love to read!  i actually just went to the library and loaded up on more books even though i have a HUGE stack of "to be read" books in the house already.  

2. since moving to florida i hate wearing socks!!  i feel like i am suffocating if i have them on sometimes.  maybe because it is sooooooo hot all the time.  i swear i only buy new socks like every 5 years!

3.  i LOVE napping!!!  it doesn't even matter if i've gotten a good nights sleep i can just curl up in my bed and go out like a light. 

4.  i love the smell of coffee even though i don't drink it. when i used to work i loved coming into the office to fresh coffee brewing.  my co-worker at the time said she was going to find some coffee potpourri for me.  i think now yankee candle must have that scent!

5.  i like painting. (the walls in the house)  i know it's weird, but once i get all the tools out i love the painting process.  and of course the results.  i still have a lot to do here in the house but i don't mind doing it.

6.   i will steal one from heidi as it is something i hate as well.  people touching me while i am trying to sleep.   give me my space!!!!  why do you think we have a king sized bed???? and yes i am one of those moms that CANNOT stand it when kids get in the bed with me in the middle of the night!  hello!!!! who likes to be kicked all night and have a leg on your face while you are trying to sleep?

7.  i love puzzles.  any kind.  crossword, jigsaw, sudoku, etc.....  i told mauricio i want a nintendo ds so i can get the cool crossword puzzle game they have for it! 

okay so now i tag gina, lizzie, becky, and lynelle

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Monica Bennion said...

So so funny, we are alike in many ways. I love the smell of Coffee, I hate to be touched when sleeping, that might cause murder in the night. I absolultey love to read, and I still hate wearing socks and I now live in Utah!!

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