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Monday, November 3, 2008


so halloween has come and gone! wow! it seems like you prepare forever and it's over in a flash! here are the girls before we headed out to score tons of candy!

the winning pose!

dorothy upon spotting the tornado! run dorothy! run!

digging in to the loot! any resee's in there for mom?
after trick or treating we pulled out the sofa bed in the family room and the girls watched some halloween movies. after gracie fell asleep the big girls got to FINALLY watch the 3rd harry potter movie! i tried to watch it with them but i went out about 11:50! what a wimp i am nowadays!


Heidi said...

Your girls are so cute! And I have to say that you are going to have to put a spell on teenage boys to keep them away from your beautiful witch!

The Johnston's said...

Heather! Your girls are so beautiful!! Oh my gosh! They have grown up so much!! Cute costumes!! Hey I need the book queen to recommend a really good book for me!!

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