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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

christmas baking

we love to bake at our house during the holidays. we always make certain things and add a few new things once in a while. we always do muffins, brownies, fudge, cookies and our yummy caramel snack mix (no photo since we haven't made it yet). here are a few pics of some that we have made so far this year. these will be going to teachers, bus drivers, friends and neighbors.

yummy brownies!
cranberry mini muffins
okay heidi, i must say that it was your grandma that got me hooked on fudge! i remember those thanksgivings at her house with much fondness. for the fudge! and the other good stuff and company too!
chocolate chip walnut banana bread. this is what it should look like.
this is what it shouldn't look like. look closely and you will see that a certain 7 year old, who will remain anonymous, poked holes in all but one loaf yesterday! i was SERIOUSLY angry to say the least!
here you can see the crater better!
sarah doing the muffins. licking fingers is almost as good as licking the bowl afterwards.
today i went over to my awesome friend's (marybeth on the left) house to bake some goodies with our other awesome friend, sally. we had a great time and made some good stuff. the time flew way too fast and we ate way too much sugar! thanks for the chocolates and the nuts!
this is what i made. i really don't like any other chocolate chip cookies except homemade ones.

marybeth's grandma hil's pecan puffs. they are soooooooooo good!!! we are adding these to our collection this year!
sally did ginger cookies (left) and south african spice cookies (right). they were very yummy and marybeth pointed out that they look professional. they look like they belong in a magazine or something!
here are all the chefs with our little helper gracie! she had fun eating the dough and the cookies.
the lovely chefs. no sally is not assaulting me with the mixer! thanks again marybeth! i had a blast!!!!


t.t. Millers said...

Wow! You are amazing! A baking goddess!

Beth said...

Hey Heather- I want that fudge recipe. The pictures look yummy enough to eat!

The Johnston's said...

Yummy!! I hate ate so much sugar lately!!! I have gained like 5 pounds!

Pollock Family said...

Yummmm-o! I want to eat ALL of that cookie dough! I love eating, but don't love baking. I must admit we're coming across some awesome recipes for cookies. I want some of those muffin recipes though. justin.elizabeth@gmail.com

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