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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


okay i have been waiting for a bit because i was waiting for pics from my sister-in-law to add, but alas, i can wait no more! she has the good one of the turkey! the 27 pounder! bummer! and it was like butter slicing through that thing! YUM-O! i didn't take any of all the awesome pies me and the girls made but i can tell you right now they were DELISH!! we had 8 pies!!!! 2 of each of the following flavors: pumpkin, pecan, turtle pumpkin (our newest addition!), and chocolate! i am drooling as i write this because of the wonderful memories of eating those pies! can you tell i like pie? anyways enjoy the pics of the people who were there! we had such a great time and great company! can't wait til next year!

sarah playing "dreamlife" while waiting patiently for food!

you gotta have a card game while waiting for the food right? isn't that everyone's tradition? uno attack is savannah's fave!mauricio's cousin and 3 of her boys came up from homestead. (please ignore the painting in the back! one day i will finally finish this project.)
neal, lisa and zach came up the night before and we made some of the stuff we could in advance so thanksgiving day was less stressful. we made pizza and the kids watched harry potter while lisa and i did the pecan pies. (another mention of pie!)
laura with her two boys
i love this one!
the kids had a blast outside since the weather was PERFECT!
the wild one showing her true colors!
zach and his awesome moves!
the whole gang!

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Pollock Family said...

HA! my favorite part of this post is a true pic of your unfinished painting projects. Maybe it will inspire me to share our bedroom pics:) 4 different colors of brown, one that I like and nothing done but sample paint spots on the walls. It's gotten to the point where Justin asked, "so what color ARE you painting? And are you gonna do it any time soon?" ... Maybe later:)

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