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Monday, December 15, 2008

gingerbread houses

sarah and savannah had a great achievement days christmas party. they always have it at shauna h's house and always have a ball! this year savannah got to participate since she is almost 8! our leaders, once again, are fabulous!!!! they made some cool christmas poppers as well as their gingerbread houses, and savannah's fave was the chocolate fountain!


Pollock Family said...

It must be gingerbread day. Seriously, my in-laws are visiting over night and the girls put together a (store bought) ginger bread house this afternoon. So fun. The girls were ALL over that, but mostly MacKenzie was just eating it:)

t.t. Millers said...

I was searching blogs for other moms who also have a lot of dogs and I found you! I have three boys and three dogs. I really enjoyed your blog. If you have a chance, check me out. ~Tami
ps. I love David Cook too!

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