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Friday, March 6, 2009

savannah's baptism

we finally had savannah's baptism! she was so excited to get baptized! she asked her uncle perry and sarah to give the talks. it was a really nice day and we had a nice spirit at the baptism. her dad, however tried to baptize her as sarah, instead of savannah (you'll have to ask him about that one). and as tradition dictates she did have to go down twice! mauricio got a good teasing for that one and we decided that maybe by the time gracie is eight he will do it flawlessly. but then again, do we really want to mess with tradition? savannah looked so pretty in her white dress and we are so happy for her that she is baptized!

notice the nail polish color. grandma did them for her. too cute!a big hug for nono.
with her dad before she was dunked.
after the dunking! she was so cute in the bathroom afterwards. she was extremely excited telling me how happy she felt that she was baptized. she said "it was so cool mom!" "i loved going under the water!" "i feel so clean!" and then she added "i am extra clean since dad had to do it twice!"
with uncle perry

with grandma and grandpa uncle neal and aunt lisa
nona and nono hmm....i'm smelling christmas card picture. (check!)
the whole gang!


Heidi said...

Oh she looks so beautiful!

What a great day and how nice that you have so many great pictures. I have to say that the family picture would make a great Christmas card.

It's good to see what you have been up to!

Shauna said...

I agree...great Christmas Card photo!

Pollock Family said...

Holy pictures!! So exciting. I think your mom was the shortest family member there:)

Mari said...

Congratulations to Sarah...oh we mean Savnnah on her baptism! She is darling! How fun to have both sets of grandparents on a special, special day. What a beautiful family!

Older and Wisor said...

If she the middle child or what? "Sarah Sarah Sarah..." (that's my Brady Bunch voice) poor girl. Her dad owes her BIG time ;) Beautiful photos.

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