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Monday, March 9, 2009

savannah's party pics

after savannah's baptism we had her party at the house. it was a blast! we had lots of friends and family over. we ate lots of food, chatted, and the kids even swam! yes you people in cold places i said swam in february! (okay we did fire up the heater in the pool to make it nice and toasty!)

savannah got some great gifts! thanks to everyone! she especially LOVED the harry potter #5 movie! of course that was watched that same evening. and the next day at church her buddy gave her the 7th harry potter book! score! (thanks kleins! you rock!) needless to say she was in harry potter heaven!
the big girl bffs
savannah and her buddy from school. shayna!
apparently the real party was under the table.
happy birthday savannah! (again!)


Laura D said...

You guys always have the best parties!

Mari said...

I love the party under the table!

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