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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

one really hot, sweaty, rainy picnic

a picnic today really? what were we thinking? obviously we weren't. i had promised the girls that we would go on a picnic today, however i should have checked the weather before making any sort of promise that would involve being outdoors today. it was so dang hot and muggy! but i thought maybe, just maybe since we were heading east toward the beach that it would be okay since there is always a nice coastal breeze. NOT the case! we like to picnic under this really HUGE tree out by the intracoastal. seriously, it is HUGE. the pics below are of the girls playing on the ROOTS! anyhoo, the first sign of an uncomfortable afternoon was that when we arrived the tree had NO LEAVES! that means NO SHADE! but we sat under what shade we could find and ate our delicious picnic lunch. and when i say delish i mean DELISH! turkey and cheese sammies, grapes, strawberries, oranges, carrots, tomatoes,pudding, granola bars, chips, juice and water! HELLO YUMMY FOOD. but we ate and then tried to take a walk along the intracoastal. umm...can you say pouring sweat? we were DRIPPING from head to toe! and i am NOT exaggerating. so we decided it was time to head home to the luxury of the a/c. beside the fact that we kept hearing thunder and saw some really vicious storm clouds. (after we got in the car was when we saw all the big lightning.) let's just say i am glad that we are home now and we only got wet from the sweat and NOT the rain as well.

this is what the tree is supposed to look like. i didn't get any pics of how bare it was today but picture it without ANY leaves!

savannah surfing the roots.sarah striking a pose. these are the roots they are on!

even poor brady was dying of the heat! this was one of the reasons we left. YIKES!


Heidi said...

I love that tree! What kind is it? The roots are amazing -- it looks like so much fun to climb on -- even when sweating. :D

I WISH I were sweating. I know we keep going back and forth with our weather woes but I REALLY, REALLY need some sun. So can you send it west. It was a whole 43 degrees today...sigh and it's supposed to snow tomorrow -- just watch all those cold people at conference and think of me...sigh

Older and Wisor said...

EW. I hate humidity. More than I hate snow...and that's alot.

Those trees are amazing. And so are those clouds! Beautiful.

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