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Monday, November 16, 2009

gracie's grand 6th celebration

our baby turned 6 this year! wow how time has flown! i brought a few fun treats into her classroom that week and she LOVED that. and then we celebrated at the house with a few family and friends. good times.

the diva in all her glory.gracie wanted cupcakes this year and i was happy to oblige. much faster and easier to make and decorate than a cake. okay so the martha is really coming out in me this year. i am soooooo tired of those store bought plastic goody bags that cost a FORTUNE and you only get like 2! so we happened to have some white lunch bags on hand that only cost like $2 for about 50 gazillion. (i am sure i purchased them back in the year 2000.) a few pretty markers and a butterfly stamp later and voila! cauuuute goody bags! and filled with what every kid loves and every parent hates: CANDY! okay i did throw in a bouncy ball, a pencil and an eraser. (they were cheap at target and i used them for sarah's as well. there were like 80 gazillion in the package. i think we might still have some left.)

so we have these great friends who happen to have horses. and gracie happens to LOVE horses! (the girls took a few riding lessons from her over the summer in exchange for mucking out stalls and cleaning up a bit.) so, my brilliant friend asked if it would be a good gift to have gracie ride from her house to ours. (about 2 miles maybe) and then have the pony there for the kids at the party to ride. gee...um......let me think about that one. HELLO! what a great idea! i thought it was THE BEST GIFT EVER! and so did gracie. she was beside herself when she found out that afternoon. (i didn't dare tell her any sooner because i knew she would bug me for days.) gracie and diva

this picture is fabulous because it has all of gracie's little girlfriends and savannah. savannah was THE BEST little helper at the party. she helped the girls with the craft and set up the toys for them to play with and was SUPER nice to all the little girls that are 2-3 yrs younger than her. and did i mention she did most of this without being asked. she is such a good big sister!


Pollock Palooza said...

you are all martha-y! Jealous you're still swimming. It's FREEZING here!

Pollock Palooza said...

ok and I had to google it... are you SO excited about the new temple?! 45 minutes away is that right?

3girlsmom said...

did they find a sight yet? dependinding on where in broward county it will be located will determine our travel time. but no more than an hour.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Awwww....my baby will be six this next year (already?) I didn't realize that our oldests and youngests were almost the same age. I guess I just crammed two more in between ;)

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

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