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Monday, November 30, 2009

halloween in november?

yes, i am well aware that halloween has long since come and gone, but i know you all have been dying to see how the wild banshees dressed up this year. well, now the wait is over!

pumpkins, ghosts and goblins! oh my!

i am officially addicted to this site. (thanks to heidi.)

here is little red riding hood. bellatrix lestrange
le chef
here the girls are with some buddies the night before for the trunk or treat at church. this is when sarah decided against being a tree when someone called her "leaf girl" and "magical fruit girl."

never again will i make THAT many leaves for a child unless i get it in blood that they will wear the dang costume! and for the record, i tried to get her to do leaves all over her head and a few branches, but she wasn't going for it. whatever!

at least she was creative and came up with the chef thing in like 5 mintues. work it girlfriend.

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Anonymous said...

love the pictures, the project and the site.

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