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Monday, November 16, 2009

sarah's 11th bday party

well, now that sarah has been 11 for like 3 months now and the party was back in september i thought i'd post the pics. you know you are far behind when even your husband says "hey honey, when are you going to update the blog?"

no more excuses! i am cooking dinner and updating this thing at the same time. hope the kids like blackened turkey burgers. =)

anyhoo, i also couldn't pass up this opportunity to show off my martha skills as well, as this happens ever so infrequently. and seriously these cute things for her bday party were from a martha stewart kit i found for $3.98! can't beat that! so grab a beverage and have fun looking at the pics of our wild 11 yr old sleepover.

doncha just lurve these cups?
and here are the real monkeys doing homework! at a party! now that's dedication!
sarah and all her buddies and sisters. check out gracie the rock star!
pool time fun.
i LOVE this one. so cute and giggly.

sarah and her new found talent. please stay in school sarah. with one of our fave boys. he's soooo cute!
sarah was a bit nontraditional this year and wanted lemon squares for her bday instead of a cake. so we did the squares and cupcakes with candy bars inside. (note to self: butterfingers don't bake very well.) does anybody else notice the small child in the left hand corner? that would be, you guessed it, grace.

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Heidi said...

Look at you bustin' out the cute cupcakes and matching bags! So cute I love it! I also love lemon bars anything lemon really. Happy late birthday!

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