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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the joys of childhood

okay how many of you remember the easy bake oven? well, we whipped ours out this sunday afternoon and the girls had a blast making "cakes". i didn't have one of those fancy gazillion dollar packages that they sell for it so we used regular cake mix and it worked great. plus we got more for our money! and leftover batter for dessert tonight!
we didn't have any frosting. oops! so i made some with cream cheese and powdered sugur. yum-o!

have a little sugar before bed! this is gracie's cake.

savannah's creation.

sarah's masterpiece.

1 comment:

Pollock Family said...

How FUN! Glad to know ahead of the game regular cake mix works too:) I think Gracie's cake was my fav:)

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