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Thursday, October 30, 2008

carving pumpkins

we carved our pumpkins last night. it was great because the girls did most of the work this year! i am so grateful for children who are growing up and becoming self sufficient. gracie really got into it this year. she scraped all the guts out with minimal help. i washed all the seeds last night and we'll give it a go on baking them. now i remember why i never did that in previous years--what a pain to dig through pumpkin guts!

this year if we didn't have puppies we could have actually carved them earlier in the week and put them out since it has been so chilly here. we hope it stays for halloween. we haven't had a cool halloween in a VERY long time!

lots of mushy guts!!
since gracie's didn't have a stem she decided to put a hat on hers. we got the idea from a book we read the other night that we LOVE called "the littlest pumpkin". it is one of our favorite halloween books that we read annually. (we put away all our holiday books and only bring them out during that particular holiday.)

this is how savannah felt about all the mushy guts!
savannah did the face all by herself. she drew out the face on a piece of paper and then copied it onto her pumpkin. she didn't get one ounce of help from me in the carving process! way to go savannah!

a little after dinner treat!
sarah decided on a "nerdy" pumpkin who was later dubbed "harry potter". (minus the lightning bolt scar of which she will probably want to put on today.)
my camera has this night shot feature and this is how they came out with it! cool huh?
from left to right: ron weasley, professor mcgonagal (sp?) and harry potter
love the sunglasses that gracie added to hers. gracie said that hers is the mom and the others are her two babies.


Laura D said...

Very cute! I love the way Sarah's pumpkin eyes turned out. It looks like his eyes are magicly floating in the glasses!

Pollock Family said...

Love the hat! Where's the picture of the girls running around the fire ants? :)

3girlsmom said...

okay i'm not that good. talking on the phone in the dark and taking pics at the same time!

Heidi said...

I hear you on the not wanting to "gut" the pumpkins. I had to do Will & Barry's this year. I love how creative Sarah is -- the glasses are great!

Phillips Family said...

Cute pictures. In response to your comment you left me. We've only told a few friends and you know how fast word gets around in the Mormon church and of our family here in town knows. That was the first that I have mentioned it on my blog. Were very excited for #5, and a little nervous.

The Johnston's said...

Those are so cute... and you said we were master carvers! Not even!!! SOOO CUTE! Nice camera work too!

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