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Monday, October 27, 2008

the pumpkin patch

the girls were off from school today for a teacher work day so i decided to take them to the pumpkin patch. the weather was perfect for it! there are a bunch of pics, but this is about the only time we get to take advantage of fall colors around here so i always take a ton of pictures. there are several that i didn't post if you can believe that.

the girls had a great time picking out their own pumpkins that we will carve later this week. we can't carve them too soon here in south florida or else they will rot! i learned that the hard way the first time i did that way back when i first moved here. and we keep them indoors so they won't get infested by bugs. well, and also the puppies would destroy them right now at this stage and i don't feel like cleaning up that mess.

the "bumpy" pumpkin

gracie went around picking up all the pumpkins that were on the grass and put them back up on the slats. neat freak?

how about this one mom?

pondering the great mysteries of the pumpkin universe.
teeny pumpkins!

white pumpkins!

"can we blow this joint now?"
the pumpkin graveyard (seriously! if you click to enlarge the pic the sign in the back says it!)


Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

Oh, I just LOVE the bumpy ones!

3girlsmom said...

me too! i tried to get them to pick one out but it was a no go.

Wacky Wild Wisor Style said...

I used my super magical powers...haha. Go to customize, then to your blog roll like you are going to add or remove. At the top it will give you options in little boxes, and one of them says photo or something like that. Okay, I helped you. Now you help me come up with what to make for dinner ;)

Heidi said...

I love the bumpy ones too and the white ones. I had to laugh at the graveyard! I can't wait to see what your carved ones look like. We just carved ours on Monday since we don't have to worry about too warm of weather and bugs! Ours sit on our refrigerated porch.

3girlsmom said...

well, we are going to give them a carve tonight and see how they turn out. this week we could have actually put them out since it's been in the 40's and 50's but again the puppy problem. maybe if we get another cold front next year! this will be our first cool halloween in a LONG time! but i can't complain, at least we don't have to cover up our costumes!

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